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Hangzhou Tianyuan Tower Hotel profile

2019/2/16 20:55:38
Culture as the theme to go Supporting facilities And with
Tianyuan Hotel Hangzhou is go culture as the distinct characteristic of theme culture form (qiantang river business resort hotel, Tianyuan Hotel Hangzhou located in the qianjiang new city?QingChun business district, form a complete set of "Jiang Gan style center", is equipped with indoor swimming pool, badminton hall, basketball stadium, tennis court and football field.The hotel the qiantang river in the east, north relies on the grand canal;Adjacent to hangzhou QingChun intime mall, hangzhou sijiqing clothing market, hangzhou vientiane city shopping center, hangzhou grand theatre, administrative service center, hangzhou international conference center, the geographical position is superior.
Tianyuan Hotel Hangzhou opened 2007, the main building 37 floors, a total of 268 rooms (sets).

Changsha Leader Hotel traffic info

Business zone:Changsha South Railway Station
Address:Hunan · Changsha · tianxinqu - No. 22 Yubang Road, Tianxin District, Changsha, China